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what is the Bonded Seal ? Do you want results only for boned seal?

what is the Bonded Seal ? Do you want results only for boned seal?

boned seal named   combination gasket in china   is made by bonding and vulcanizing rubber rings and metal rings as a whole. It is a sealing ring used to seal the connection between threads and flanges.

The ring includes a metal ring and a rubber sealing gasket.

The metal ring is treated with rust prevention, and the rubber ring is generally made of oil resistant nitrile rubber or fluororubber. The combination pad comes in two sizes, metric and imperial, with a combination of metal pad and rubber as specified in standard JB982-77. The combination sealing gasket is used for sealing threaded pipe joints and screw plugs. It is generally used together with the sleeve type pipe joint to block oil ports. It is mainly used for static sealing of the end face at the threaded connection of hydraulic valve pipe joints, and is suitable for static sealing of the end face at the connection of British and American standard inch threads and French and German standard metric threads. The combined sealing gasket can be divided into Type A and Type B according to its structural form; According to the different types of adhesive packaging, it can be divided into full packaging and half packaging.

Usage Description

Suitable for sealing the pressure system of welding, ferrules, expansion joints, plugs, and mechanical devices in pipeline systems with oil as the medium, to prevent leakage of oil, fuel, water, and drugs. Due to its simple structure, efficient sealing, and low price, it has been widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry.

technical data

Working pressure: ≤ 40 Mpa

Temperature: -25 ℃~+100 ℃

Medium: hydraulic oil

Material properties

Material: rubber, metal material

Combination washer size table

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