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Phenolic resin fabric guide tape PTFE F4 guide tape cylinder seal anti-wear

Phenolic resin fabric guide tape PTFE F4 guide tape cylinder seal anti-wear

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Phenolic resin fabric guide tape  PTFE  F4 guide tape cylinder seal anti-wear

Advantages: Simple installation, fast fastening without the need for auxiliary tools; Make the sliding surface free of metal contact, thereby reducing damage to metal parts; Has a damping effect; Compared with thermoplastic materials, the radial load bearing capacity is improved; Excellent emergency working conditions in case of insufficient lubrication.

Defect 1: The high-temperature bearing capacity of the guide ring is poor, and crushing often occurs during use.

2. Polyoxymethylene has poor flame retardancy, burns slowly when exposed to fire, and has a low oxygen index. Even with the addition of flame retardants, it cannot meet satisfactory requirements.

3. The machining process of the guide ring is complex, resulting in high machining costs; Poor control of the production process, uneven squeezing or drying of products, have a significant impact on the bearing capacity of the phenolic fabric guide ring, resulting in frequent cracks and cylinder breakage during use, leading to the failure of the guide ring.

4. The phenolic fabric guide ring has a significant decrease in load-bearing capacity compared to room temperature (24 degrees) at high temperatures (80 degrees). In terms of wear resistance, the phenolic fabric guide ring has a high friction coefficient due to its surface being wrapped with cloth fibers. In an oil absorbing state, the guide ring expands and has poor dimensional stability. Therefore, the phenomenon of hydraulic oil pollution caused by worn cloth fibers in use often leads to the blockage of precision components in the hydraulic system.

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Phenolic resin fabric guide tape  PTFE  F4 guide tape cylinder seal anti-wear.

The phenolic resin fabric guide belt produced by our company is composed of fine mesh fabric, special thermosetting polymer resin,

lubricating additives, and polytetrafluoroethylene additives. The phenolic sandwich guide belt has vibration absorption performance, excellent wear resistance, and good dry running characteristics.

For the piston and piston rod that move inside the hydraulic cylinder,

the guide belt has precise guiding effect and can absorb radial forces generated at any time. At the same time,

the guide belt prevents metal contact between the sliding components inside the hydraulic cylinder, that is, between the piston and the cylinder body or between the piston rod and the cylinder head.

As the temperature increases, the surface load that PTFE materials can withstand will decrease, and its load-bearing capacity actually depends on the working temperature.

Generally speaking, it should not exceed 200 ℃. If the temperature used is below 0 ℃, please consult us first.

Phenolic resin cloth guide belts are widely used in hydraulic and other reciprocating motion, rotation, and swing systems, suitable for heavy-duty and radial force applications, especially in heavy-duty,

high-frequency, long stroke, large piston or rod gaps, and high-temperature situations. It is recommended to use phenolic resin cloth guide belts. Used in bulldozers,

excavators, forging presses, ceramic brick presses, steel mills, metallurgical machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery, ship machinery, hoists, and machine tools.

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1.Payment:Orders based on credit sales 30 days that you need not make any payment inadvance, payment after 30days on the basis of receiving the order.

2. Quality:Orders have 3years warranty and if there are any issues in the future, they canbe unconditional replacement of new products or refunded

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4. Delivery:Orders can be delivered within 7days ,we have large stocks that morethan10000pcs differentsize from Oil Seal ,O-rings , Customized Products.

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