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FKM VITON FPM Rubber O-Rings 70shore-A 75shore-A 80shore-A 90shore-A orings

FKM VITON FPM Rubber O-Rings 70shore-A 75shore-A 80shore-A 90shore-A orings

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Fluorocarbon elastomers have grown to major importance in the sealing industry.

Due to its wide range of chemical compatibility, temperature range, low compression set, and excellent aging characteristics, fluorocarbon rubber is the most significant single elastomer developed in recent history.

Fluorocarbon elastomers are highly fluorinated carbon-based polymers used in applications to resist harsh chemical and ozone attack.

The working temperature range is considered to be -26°C to +205°/230°C (-15°F to +400°/440°F).For short working periods it will take even higher temperatures.Special compounds having improved chemical resistance are also available with new types always being developed in our own R&D centers.

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1.Generally speaking, with increasing fluorine content, resistance to chemical attack is improved while low temperature characteristics are diminished.There are, however, specialty grade fluorocarbons that can provide high fluorine content with low temperature properties.

2.Viton is the brand name for fluorocarbon rubber polymers of the Chemours Company.

3.FKM applications Fluorocarbon O-rings should be considered for use in aircraft, automobile and other mechanical devices requiring maximum resistance to elevated temperatures and to many fluids.

4.FKM (FPM, Viton, Fluorel) resist mineral oils and greases, aliphatic, aromatic and also special chlorinated hydrocarbons, petrol, diesel fuels, silicone oils and greases. It is suitable for high vacuum applications.

5.Many fluorocarbon compounds have a higher than normal mold shrinkage rate, molds for fluorocarbon products are often different from molds for Nitrile.

6.This type of polymer is used extensively by ERIKS, however we do not claim or promote the use of any specific brands of polymers in our compounds.


● We have  all  more  5000pcs  different  size  included all AS-568 size  Available and more 2000pcs different size stocks ,delivery very quickly  about 7days at most .

● The Material :FKM FPM VITON

● The Shore-A Hardness: from 50shore-A  to  95shore-A range

● Common Color:Black/Brown/Blue/Red/White/Yellow/purple and according to your requirements!

● Quality Warranty :5 years!

● Our Mainly Customers From Western Europe and USA!

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