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FDA Silicone VMQ O-rings 30shore-A 60shore-A 70shore-A orings

FDA Silicone VMQ O-rings 30shore-A 60shore-A 70shore-A orings

Short Description:

Silicone O rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction.

Featuring outstanding flex and fatigue life, ozone and UV radiation resistance, physiologically neutral and insulating properties, silicone o-rings are effective in a wide range of applications.

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● Find the silicon o-ring compound property that's perfect for you .Common Silicone Names:Silicone, VMQ, PVMQ Features:Can be compounded to meet FDA, USP Class VI, USDA, 3-A and Canada AG Excellent heat and compression resistance, excellent flexibility, good electrical insulator Excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and sunlight,animal and vegetable oil and grease Resistance to fungal and biological attack Not recommended for dynamic application since it has low strength and poor abrasion resistance & high gas permeability Concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids, diluted sodium hydroxide, hydrocarbon based fuels, aromatic mineral oil  Aromatic Hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene), aromatic mineral oil, acids and alkalis, Superheated water or steam over 250 F!

● These O-rings are cheap, easy to install, versatile, and have immense capacity to handle pressures. Thus,they prominently used in mechanical equipment.

● These O-rings can be made from various materials which are dependent on its application.Silicone O-rings can handle pressure exerted by hydraulic cylinders over their seals.O-rings are used in various types of motionless or movable joints and piping.Silicone O-rings are extensively used in aerospace and automotive fields.


● We provide high quality and well-customized and standard O-rings in platinum cured, peroxide cured, fluoro silicone, conductive silicone, O-rings made from other rubber materials for various industries.Silicone o-rings are excellent seal materials for static, high temperature applications.

● Service Temperature:-90 to 500° F (-68 to 260° C).Depending on compound and application.

● All AS-568 SIZE Available,we can design according to your drawings or samples!

● Shore-A: from 20shore-A to 90shore-A .all color will be done ! SIZE:AS-568 ALL!

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