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AS A TC SC OIL SEAL High Pressure FKM80

AS A TC SC OIL SEAL High Pressure FKM80

Short Description:

FKM seals, also known as fluorocarbon seals are industrial seals made of      FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber) Commonly,

these seals are used in aviation and aerospace, food and pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing applications, etc.

Due to properties like high-temperature sustainability, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, etc these types of seals are highly preferred in the aforementioned industries.

However, the fluorocarbon elastomers are responsible for the excellence of the FKM seals.

Therefore, before utilizing these seals in industrial applications, one must be well-versed with the material, fluorocarbon rubber, and its properties.

This post introduces fluorocarbon rubber, its material properties, and the advantages of FKM seals.


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Material :FKM75    VITON 75   FKM80    VITON 80

SIZE: more than 10000pcs  different  sizs .

stocks:  more  than  5000pcs  different  sizes.

Warranty period: 5years



1.Payment:Orders based on credit sales 30 days that you need not make any payment inadvance, payment after 30days on the basis of receiving the order.

2. Quality:Orders have 3years warranty and if there are any issues in the future, they canbe unconditional replacement of new products or refunded

3.Price:Orders with the lowest price for our importers,we keep the Small profits, mostof profits are left to our respectful customers.

4. Delivery:Orders can be delivered within 7days ,we have large stocks that morethan10000pcs differentsize from Oil Seal ,O-rings , Customized Products.

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