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1、 What is a FKM/VITON  oil seal?

To know what fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal is, let’s first talk about what FKM/VITON  rubber is:

Fluorine rubber, as a sealing material, has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance, and drug resistance. From a physical perspective, fluororubber is a semi transparent sheet-like elastomer that appears white or amber in color. It is non-toxic, odorless, and non self igniting, but can be melted into low molecular weight ketones and lipids.

Secondly, let’s talk about what a skeleton oil seal is:

The function of a skeleton oil seal is generally to isolate the lubricated components in the transmission components from the output components, so as not to allow lubricating oil to leak. It is commonly used for rotating shafts as a rotating shaft lip seal, and a skeleton oil seal made of fluororubber material is called a fluororubber skeleton oil seal.

2、 What are the characteristics of  FKM  skeleton oil seals?

The skeleton oil seal structure consists of three parts: oil seal body, reinforced skeleton, and self tightening spiral spring. The sealing body is divided into bottom, waist, blade, and sealing lip according to different parts. Usually, in a free state, the inner diameter of a skeleton oil seal is smaller than the outer diameter, which means it has a certain amount of “interference”. Therefore, when the oil is encapsulated into the oil seal seat and shaft, the pressure of the oil seal blade and the contraction force of the self tightening spiral spring generate a certain radial tightening force on the shaft. After a period of operation, this pressure will quickly decrease or even disappear. Therefore, adding a spring can compensate for the self tightening force of the oil seal at any time.

3、 Abbreviation for fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal:

Fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal, abbreviated as FKM oil seals, or FPM oil seals, also known as VITON oil seals.

4、 FKM  rubber skeleton oil seals are widely used

FKM   rubber skeleton oil seals are widely used. Currently, more than 60% of the known production of fluorine rubber skeleton oil seals is used in the automotive industry. At the same time, due to the excellent performance of fluorine rubber skeleton oil seals, their application range is constantly expanding. Currently, 50% of fluorine rubber raw materials are used in the manufacturing of seals. In Japan, more than 80% of fluorine rubber raw materials are used in the manufacturing of oil seals, and fluorine rubber is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, So the application industry is very extensive. Let’s talk about the specific industries where fluororubber skeleton oil seals are applied, such as automotive engines, automotive gearboxes, automotive crankshafts, industrial reducers, motors, machine tools, gear pumps, high-pressure oil pumps, generators, small household appliances, vacuum pumps, servo motors, cylinders, and so

Final summary:

Due to its outstanding high temperature and corrosion resistance, it has the reputation of being the king of rubber. It is processed into rubber pipes, tapes, films, gaskets, skeleton oil seals, O-rings, V-rings, etc. It is widely used in drilling machinery, oil refining equipment, natural gas desulfurization equipment, and fluorine rubber oil seals are used in pumps and pipe joints, often mixed with organic chemicals, to seal inorganic acids, etc.


The above BD SEALS    Oil Seal briefly analyzes the advantages of fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal, so that our users can understand why they choose FKM/VITON  rubber skeleton oil seal and why the amount of fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal is increasing. If you need to know the installation method of skeleton oil seal, please pay attention to the Huinuo Oil Seal official website.

Finally, if you need to purchase FKM   oil seals imported from china , please contact BD SEALS  Company .


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