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Micro Rubber Small O-RINGS FFKM FKM HNBR NBR EPDM SLICONE High precision instrument

Micro Rubber Small O-RINGS FFKM FKM HNBR NBR EPDM SLICONE High precision instrument

Short Description:

Micro Rubber  Small   O-RINGS    FFKM   FKM   NBR HNBR   EPDM  SLICONE   High precision instrument .

Manufacturer of micro precision o-rings and miniature, custom rubber o-rings.

We’ve developed Micro Rubber  O-RINGS  .

C/S: From  0.2mm to   0.9mm     ID: from  0.2mm to   0.9mm

as well as large o-rings with tiny cross sectional diameters.

We accept customized non-standard specifications.

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the term of payment Western Union, Paypal   /LC  / T/T, Credit sale
Manufacturer Place Ningbo, China
Shipping Way By Air or Truck ,or Train,or Sea
Delivery Time: 7 - 30 workings days
Factory Stock Status some stocks most  of them need Customized
Surface finish Dull MAT or  Bright

The smaller  o-ring in production is ID: 0.2mm C/S: 0.2mm with no parting line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        we can provide smaller o-rings by request. Furthermore.

BD SEALS  can provide O-rings “flash free” and with “no parting line” using our high mold technology.

Furthermore, we provide dimensional accuracy up to ID +/- 0.01mm C/S +/- 0.01mm.

Therefore, we’re able to supply high quality and medical grade o-rings for use in industries such as:

medical implant, wristwatch, tooth brush, switch, micro seal, optical, and microscope O-rings,

BODI SEALS  is a leader in custom, miniaturized rubber seals, with over 20 years of experience.


BDSEALS  develops and produces materials in house, ranging from FKM NBR  HNBR  CR   ACM    Silicone, Nitrile,  EPDM , Urethane and more.

We work with the latest material innovations, as well as the many thousands of materials we’ve developed in our own database.



Ningbo Bodi Seals Co.,Ltd  Specializing in Miniature O-Rings .

Micro Rubber  O-RINGS    NBR  EPDM  SLICONE   High precision instrument

Generally, micro or miniature o-rings are defined as o-rings that measure no more than 1 mm

(or 0.039 of an inch) in EITHER inside diameter (ID) or cross-section (CS).

The cross-section is the width, or thickness, of the band of the torus-shaped seal.

for  these small orings ,we use  the  CCD visual sorting equipment automatic optical detection size appearance defect screening machine machine vision,

it  can ensure that all product appearances and quality specifications are perfect also Simultaneously improving work efficiency .


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