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2854073 285-4073 fit for C9 crankshaft rear oil seal

2854073 285-4073 fit for C9 crankshaft rear oil seal

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2854073 285-4073 fit for C9 crankshaft rear oil seal

Sealing component of crankshaft

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The crankshaft seal assembly is used to maintain engine oil to prevent external pollutants from entering the engine oil system.

The sealing assembly for dry applications (air oil interface) typically includes a main sealing lip to prevent engine oil leakage,

as well as a dust lip and wear-resistant sleeve. In wet applications (fluid to fluid interface),

the dust lip is replaced with an auxiliary lip that can extract external fluid from the engine.


Cat The crankshaft seal assembly is precisely designed according to the requirements of extremely demanding applications.

They must be able to withstand high rotational speed, high temperature, and high-frequency axial motion.

The crankshaft seal assembly includes a wear-resistant sleeve that prevents crankshaft wear and provides the best contact surface for lip seals.

The wear-resistant sleeve can also avoid costly crankshaft repair or replacement, making maintenance easier, faster, and more economical.

Cat The sealing system can prevent leakage and contamination of more expensive parts. Please use Cat Original seals protect your investment.

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2854073   285-4073   fit  for    C9  crankshaft rear oil seal


Product name rear crankshaft oil seal
Excavator model CAT 330D 330C 336D
Engine model C9
Part number 285-4073
Packing Standard packing
Delivery time 5-7 days
Condition 100% new
MOQ 1 pcs
Warranty 3 years
Shipment Express,Air,Sea  train


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