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Rectangular or Square rubber strip NBR EPDM SILICONE FKM

Rectangular or Square rubber strip NBR EPDM SILICONE FKM

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We are expert manufacturers of hollow or solid, rectangular shaped extruded  rubber strips, cords, gaskets and seals.                    We have ability of manufacturing all kinds of custom rectangular profiles based on your requirements. We have wide range of dies and toolings which makes us capable of manufacturing more than 10,000 different  rubber profiles. Our  rubber specialist can develop silicone material based on your requirements which can be made capable of sustaining extremely high or extremely low temperature. We give our full attention to the size and tolerance acceptability. So, you always receive best in class product with high quality material and precision.

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Rectangular or Square rubber strip material as following:


SIZE : our factory produce very Complex structure according to clients'drawings and samples .

what's more ,we can produce FDA food grade material goods with NSF- 51 Certified too !

Customisable colours, including transparent and clear silicone rubber strips.
Rubber strips with adhesive tape available
Thickness starting from 0.01” to any width according to customer’s demand
Strips with USP Class VI silicone are also available
Works in temperatures varying from -60F to 400F.
Completely resistant to Ozone and UV rays
Hardness from 20 durometer to 90 durometer.
Available in 100 ft coils or up to 1000 ft reels for easy handling and use.


1.Payment:Orders based on credit sales 30 days that you need not make any payment inadvance, payment after 30days on the basis of receiving the order.

2. Quality:Orders have 3years warranty and if there are any issues in the future, they canbe unconditional replacement of new products or refunded

3.Price:Orders with the lowest price for our importers,we keep the Small profits, mostof profits are left to our respectful customers.

4. Delivery:Orders can be delivered within 7days ,we have large stocks that morethan10000pcs differentsize from Oil Seal ,O-rings , Customized Products.

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