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Rubber X-ring Quad Rings Cords VITON FKM NBR

Rubber X-ring Quad Rings Cords VITON FKM NBR

Short Description:

X-Rings cords   have a sealing function doubling that of an o-ring, and can be used in numerous static and dynamic sealing applications.

Compared to a standard o-ring, the four-lobed X-Ring  cords profile maintains twice the sealing surface.

The double-seal action requires less squeeze to maintain an effective seal function. With a reduction in squeeze, this yields lower friction and prolonged seal life.

To prevent leakage, which typically results from a parting line’s irregular surface on an o-ring, the parting lines on an X-Ring  cords  are between the lobes, and away from the sealing surface.

X-Rings  cords   are also made to surpass the performance of a standard o-ring in rotary seal applications. The four-lobed design produces a more secure seal to counteract spiral twisting.

This allows the use of a narrower groove width than a standard o-ring groove, but can also be used in a standard o-ring groove.

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X-ring   Quad Rings  Cords

Size: 1.78mm  2.65mm    3mm     3.53mm      4mm     5mm    5.7mm     6mm

7mm   8mm  9mm   10mm   11mm   12mm   13mm   14mm  15mm    16mm

17mm   18mm   19mm   20mm   21mm   22mm    23mm   24mm  25mm  26mm

27mm  28mm  29mm  30mm  31mm   32mm  33mm   34mm    35mm  36mm

37mm    38mm   39mm     40mm

Material :  NBR   EPDM  VITON   FKM     HNBR    SILICONE

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