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Spring Seal spring energized seal Variseal spring loaded seals PTFE

Spring Seal spring energized seal Variseal spring loaded seals PTFE

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Spring Seal    spring  energized   seal    Variseal   spring loaded seals  PTFE

Spring energized seals are designed to handle a wide range of applications where traditional elastomers fail.

Spring energized seals excel in applications with high-speeds, wide temperature ranges and those with corrosive media.

The BD SEALS  brand of spring energized seals, branded SE Seals, are manufactured in our state-of-the-art e-Fab facility

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The SE Seal design is based on three principles:

High-performance, engineered materials
U-cup style seal jackets
Metal spring energizers

When selecting a seal for your application, careful consideration of these three principles will aid in choosing the best spring energized seal for your specific application.

Our diverse and experienced technical staff can aid in product selection as well as product development if necessary, allowing us to be your partner not just a seal supplier.

Spring energized seals are seals generally made with PTFE. And they may have PEEK inserts, materials which have exceptional physical and technical characteristics.

But they are not elastic. To overcome this limit, different types of springs are used. They provide a constant load along the circumference of the gasket.

Spring energized seals provide durable and reliable sealing solutions in critical applications and under extreme operating conditions in different industries.

This seal design extends the operating limits of polymer-based seals by:

Providing gas-tight sealing systems to end-users
Helping to achieve fugitive emission reduction goals
Meeting environmental regulation requirements

Spring energized seals are a highly reliable option when standard elastomer-based and polyurethane-based seals will not meet the operating limits,

equipment parameters, or environmental conditions of your application. Even when a standard seal might meet basic needs,

many engineers turn to spring energized seals for an added level of reliability and peace of mind.


Spring Seal    spring  energized   seal    Variseal   spring loaded seals  PTFE

It is a high-performance sealing element with a special spring installed inside a U-shaped Teflon.

With appropriate spring force and system fluid pressure, the sealing lip (face) is pushed out and

gently pressed against the sealed metal surface to generate excellent sealing effect.

The actuation effect of the spring can overcome slight eccentricity of the metal mating surface and wear of the sealing lip,

while maintaining the expected sealing performance.

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