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TA type oil seal FKM80 Brown with Painting fit for Caterpillar

TA type oil seal FKM80 Brown with Painting fit for Caterpillar

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TA  type oil seal    FKM80 Brown  with  Painting   fit for  Caterpillar

TA double skeleton iron shell oil seal, TB outer iron shell oil seal, TC  oil seal, FKM  rubber  oil seal.

TA skeleton oil seal is a combination of inner shells designed to enhance the rigidity of the oil seal,

especially suitable for larger oil seals or those that require back assembly.

It is sealed with double lips and springs, with low friction coefficient.

Product Name: TA Double Skeleton Iron Shell Oil Seal Series: Rotary Oil Seal   Product Material: NBR Iron (special circumstances can use fluorine glue)

Working Temperature: -30~110 ℃ Working Medium: Water, oil, grease, etc. Specifications:

TA20*35*10    TA25*40*10   TA25*52*9    TA26*42*10     TA26*47*10    TA28*47*10    TA30*45*10   TA30*62*9    TA32*50*10    TA32*52*9   TA35*52*9

TA35*56*10   TA35*58*10   TA35*62*9   TA35*65*10      TA35*80*13   TA38*56*12   TA38*60*10   TA40*60*10   TA40*62*8   TA40*85*10   TA42*62*10

TA45*62*12   TA45*65*10   TA45*72*12   TA45*85*13     TA48*64*13   TA48*70*10   TA50*65*10   TA50*68*9    TA50*70*10   TA50*72*10   TA50*72*12

TA50*80*10   TA50*90*12  TA52*85*12   TA54*72*12     TA55*70*12    TA55*78/12    TA55*80*10   TA55*80*12   TA55*85*13   TA60*75*8   TA60*80*10

TA60*80*13   TA60*85*10   TA60*85*13   TA60*90*12   TA62*85*12     TA63*85*10    TA65*85*10   TA65*90*12   TA70*90*10    TA70*90*12    TA70*95*10

TA70*100*13   TA72*90*10   TA75*105*13  TA75*115*13  TA75*90*10     TA75*95*10    TA78*100*12    TA80*100*12  TA80*120*13   TA85*100*12   TA85*105*10

TA85*120*13   TA85*120*15   TA90*110*13    TA90*110*15   TA90*110*8   TA90*115*13   TA90*115*9     TA90*120*15    TA90*125*13     TA95*120*13   TA95*130*13

TA100*120*12   TA100*125*13   TA100*140*13

The FKM  rubber inner skeleton oil seal is composed of fluorine rubber, metal skeleton, and spiral tension spring. It is generally installed in an open groove.

After the oil seal is installed, under the clamping force generated by spring contraction, it can overcome the gap caused by shaft vibration and jumping during rotation,

so that the lip of the oil seal can tightly adhere to the surface of the shaft. When the oil seal is working, The oil seal lip and the surface of the rotating shaft form a sealing contact ring.

Under the action of oil pressure in the sealing chamber, lubricating oil seeps into a very thin oil film between the oil seal lip and the rotating shaft.

The oil film is affected by the surface tension of the oil, forming a (crescent surface) between the surface of the rotating shaft and the outer edge of the oil seal lip to prevent oil from overflowing,

thus playing a sealing role, On the other hand, it can also provide lubrication between the oil seal lip and the shaft surface, enhancing the sealing life.

It has the characteristics of good wear resistance, low friction, and wide application range. Function: Industrial rotating shaft and spindle sealing,

used to prevent lubricant leakage and the entry of external dust, mud, and water. Applicable temperature: -30~220 ℃ Working pressure: 20mpa

Speed: 30m Characteristics: 1. High temperature resistance 2. Corrosion resistance 3. Permanent deformation 4. Anti aging 1. High temperature resistance .

the FKM rubber  has excellent high temperature resistance. It can work for a long time at 200-250 ℃, and can work for a short time at 300 ℃.

The tensile strength and hardness of fluororubber significantly decrease with increasing temperature.

The characteristic of changes in tensile strength and hardness is that below 150 degrees, it rapidly decreases with increasing temperature;

Between 150 and 260 degrees Celsius, the downward trend is slow as the temperature increases. 2. Corrosion resistance:

FKM rubber has excellent corrosion resistance. It has excellent stability for organic liquids, different fuel oils, and lubricants,

and good corrosion resistance to most organic acids, hydrocarbons, benzene, and toluene.

3. Compression permanent deformation performance: FKM rubber is used for sealing at high temperatures,

and compression deformation performance is the key to it. The wide application of Viton  rubber is inseparable from its improvement in compression deformation.

The resistance of fluororubber to compression deformation has achieved significant results.

4. The performance of VITONA, which is resistant to climate aging and ozone, is still satisfactory after 10 years of natural storage.

In air with an ozone concentration of 0.01%, there was no significant cracking after 45 days of exposure. Specification:

FKM  rubber inner skeleton oil seal, without special specifications and dimensions (outer diameter * inner diameter * height),

unit: mm, available in stock with a maximum outer diameter of 400mm.

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TA  type oil seal    FKM80 Brown  with  Painting   fit for  Caterpillar

TA type oil seal - iron case combination, inner half pack, double lip type oil seal, spring inside It belongs to rotary oil seal,

used for sealing with oil and dust, the highest pressure 0.03mpa (0.3kGF /m2), widely used.

Choose different materials according to different use medium, pressure and temperature.

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